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COVERT Pro  is a new protection philosophy: it doesn’t matter what state the computer is in – whether it has viruses and spyware. It doesn’t matter if the user has an understanding of how the operating system works. It is important that your work at the computer becomes invisible to spies.

Traditional anti-virus and anti-spyware software does not protect against screen captures and video recording by screen shot programs, since this action is not prohibited, and it is not known whether the user is doing it or someone is watching him. The situation is similar with protection against keyloggers. There are many programs that intercept keystrokes to perform specific functions. For example, shortcut keys for programs. This is a legal action that is not prevented by antivirus programs.

The most reliable method of protection against spyware is to mask the actions of a computer user. Its essence is to create a secure platform within which the user can run any of his applications, remaining invisible to spies. All user actions on the computer are masked from intercepting keyboard input and reading monitor screen images.

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Brief list of provided functions:

1. Secure platform. Log in and out of the platform with one click.
2. Network monitor. Shows a list of programs that have access to the Internet at the current time.
3. Database of threats (malicious or unwanted programs). Available for replenishment by the user.
4. Driver monitor. Shows a list of active and hidden drivers in the operating system.
5. System processes. Provides information about the processes (running programs) that are running on your computer.
6. System services. Used to display a list of running services on the screen.
7. Hidden Services and Service Analysis. Allows you to analyze the svchost.exe file.
8. Monitor hidden processes. This is a special function that is used to detect and list hidden processes (rootkits).
9. Internal protection mode. There are three protection modes to control the launch of applications inside the platform.
10. Buttons for quick launch of applications.
11. Platform login ID to create multiple protection platforms.
12. CPU load scale.
13. Platform loading scale.
14. Clipboard loading scale.
15. Choice of interface language.
16. Emergency exit from the program and all platforms with the closure of all applications.
17. A snapshot of the registration window with fixation of the hardware where the program is installed. Designed to protect the user from losing registration data and getting a new registration key for free.
18. Adjust the volume of the speaker and microphones inside the protected platform. Allows you to block the microphone to prevent eavesdropping in the room where the computer is installed.
19. Protected correspondence. Allows you to instantly exchange encrypted messages between users of the program without creating accounts.
20. Monitor DLL. Used to display a list of loaded DLLs on the screen when the masker is running. If there are no active libraries, the monitor switches to monitoring connected libraries.
21. Clipboard monitor.
22. Automatic detection of unstable USB devices.
22. Monitors autoload and hidden autoload.

OS:  Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP

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