Franzis Foto Filter Classics 1.0.0 + Portable + Rus Crack Download 2023


Franzis Foto Filter Classics 1.0.0 + Portable + Rus Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

FRANZIS Photo Filter Classics package,  you are optimally equipped to turn your photos into truly unique pieces. Be prepared for all surprises. Unsuitable weather, bad lighting conditions, noise, color cast or even imperfect photo effect… all of that is a thing of the past!

Key Features:

• Professional effects in unique quality
• Manual presets and movie styles
• Weather and seasons to your taste
• Create stylish black and white images
• Easy operation
• High contrast images with fine details

Franzis HDR projects 8 professional  is an editor for creating HDR images that boast an unrealistic range of color contrast. These high-resolution images are created by combining several shots of the same point, with different exposure settings, together. Use award-winning tone-mapping algorithms to turn HDR images into spectacular full-contrast shots.

Key features:

• Post-processing with 50 presets in various categories from natural to artistic, from landscape to architecture.
• Support for all major RAW image formats
• HDR photos from a single image – automatic bracketing
• The weight of each photo can always be changed
• Maximum creative freedom with 9 new HDR presets
• 24 tone presets for fast and charming results
• Expert mode with 9 filters to choose
from • Ready-made HDR image from bracketing
• High-end ghost image remover
• Even people running in your picture or other fast moving objects are no longer a problem. HDR Projects easily fixes shadows, ghosting or ghosting automatically with a highly accurate ghost removal tool.
• Maximize hardware utilization with 32-core multi-threading support

BLACK & WHITE projects  offers photographers and amateur photographers all the tools and unique features to create black and white photos from color photos using smart tools and an efficient and extremely simple workflow.

• Capabilities for creating artistic black and white photos
• Full RAW module with the highest quality and maximum customization options
• Individual extensions and system add-ons
• Spot removal sensor, horizon levels, vignetting and distortion correction
• Smart Colorspace Adaption (SCA) – for the best detailed color gradation
• Smart optimization assistant
• Program contains plugins – plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
• 87 preset filters – finely tuned for landscapes, portraits, architecture, surreal and artistic interpretations and more.
• 74 high-quality expert filters: denoising, sharpeness, gamma, light and shadow optimization, contrast enhancement, etc.
• Includes textures and structures: paper, cardboard, canvas, fabric
• “Classic” analogue of color filters
• 37 movie emulations, almost all known film materials from Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, Ilford and others.

COLOR projects Pro  offers a unique new experience for converting digital photos into amazing works of art with intelligent tools, efficient and streamlined workflow. With movie emulation, you can enhance your portrait photo and make your image look like a classic movie. Turn your photos into mesmerizing shots, no matter what the subject.

Key features:

• Selective photo editing with intelligent, sensitive painting creation tools.
• Quick optimization wizard – the desired effect in one click.
• Full Lightroom plug-in included.
• Intelligent optimization from “Natural” to “Upscale”.
• 134 customizable presets for fantastic views.
• 127 professional filters.

Change the weather easily with  NATURE projects . Blue sky, sunlight and white clouds – somehow all the pictures look the same.. Look for new ways and change the weather in your photos.

Always the right weather for your photos.
• Dedicated software for weather effects
• Weather and season according to your personal taste
• Easy operation and convincing results

NATURE weather project assistant makes it easy for you to create the perfect illusion: a total of 14 weather conditions and times of day can be set and combined freely.

Use the smart weather engine from NATURE projects
Weather phenomena such as lightning or nebula are generated accurately. This leads to deceptively real representations.

NATURE projects can do even more: the program not only creates flash, but also matches the mood of light with dark skies and rain! The strength of these weather events can be easily adjusted with the sliders and will adapt to your taste.

With “weather randomizer” you can create a random weather condition of existing weather moods. Pressing the button changes the weather. You just click until you like a certain effect and then adjust the size of the effect. The following photo examples show fantastic effects and it really is that simple!

Get the trendiest styles like Instamatic with  Franzis ANALOG Projects . The unique tools in ANALOG 3 projects let you play with lights, tint, grain, vignetting, textures, blur and flare effects, and create pro-style images like pro photo editing! ANALOG projects 3 gives you full control over every effect that you can apply as a stylistic device to create your own fashionable look.

An overview of your creative tools:

• Motivational toning
• Lighting effects
• Glamor lighting
• Double exposure
• Blur
• Grain
• Bokeh blur
• Fading
• Film frames
• Stone and paper textures
• Glitch filter
• Vignetting and more!

OS:  Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7 – x64

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