PUNTO SWITCHER Crack Free Download [2023]


PUNTO SWITCHER Crack Full Version Free Download [Latest]

Punto Switcher Crack is a program for automatically switching keyboard layouts. Sometimes you forget to switch the keyboard layout from Russian to English and get, for example, “Tsshtvschtsy” instead of “Windows” and vice versa, without switching the keyboard layout from English to Russian, you get “ghjuhfvvf” instead of “program”.
Now you can simply forget about the keyboard switch, the switching will be done automatically. In order to define impossible combinations, a dictionary of several million words is used.
In addition, Punto Switcher is amenable to learning, if it “mistakes” you can replenish its dictionary with your own combinations.

Features of the  Punto Switcher :

1. Combined standard installation of the program or unpacking of the portable* (from the developer) version
2. Removed the spy module of the program (pawel97 patch)
3. Fixed a bug with duplicating the program settings in% appdata% when choosing to store them in the program folder
4. Installation path changed to %ProgramFiles%Punto Switcher
5. Optional ability (selection during installation) of additional program components: sounds, diary, help
6. Optional ability (selection during installation) of the location for storing settings and user files of the program:
in the folder with the program or in the user profile folder
7. Optional possibility (selection during installation) of using flags and settings for disabling their dimming
8. Optional possibility (selection during installation) of icons for language flags RU, EN, UA, BE (9 options)
9. Optional possibility (selection during installation) of replacement American flag to British
10. Ability to install alternative sounds
11. Removed scrollbars in windows of almost all settings
12. Removed: update loader, html-advertisement, license file and Yandex elements
13. Program settings are kept standard, but disabled:
check for updates, useful tips tooltips
14. Located next to the installer preferences.xml (user settings), replace.dat (autocorrect list),
user.dic (exclusion rules), diary.dat (diary) will be automatically copied to settings folder

System requirements:   Windows 7/8/8.1/10
File size: 3.0Mb

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