Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure Latest Version

By | November 30, 2023

Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure Updated Version

Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure is a versatile and powerful software application designed for tracking and monitoring WhatsApp activities. This app is available for download on Apkpure, a popular platform for downloading Android applications. Whats Tracker offers a wide range of features that allow users to keep tabs on WhatsApp usage, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional purposes.

The primary purpose of Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure is to provide users with insights into WhatsApp usage. Here are a few key reasons why individuals and businesses may find this software useful:

  1. Monitor Chat Activity: Whats Tracker allows you to track and monitor chat conversations, including sent and received messages, helping you keep an eye on your loved ones’ or employees’ communication.
  2. Profile Visitors: You can see who has visited your WhatsApp profile. This feature is particularly intriguing for those curious about who is showing interest in their WhatsApp activities.
  3. Online/Offline Status: Whats Tracker can display the online/offline status of your WhatsApp contacts, providing real-time information about their availability.
  4. Last Seen Timestamps: It shows the last seen timestamps of your contacts, helping you know when someone was last active on WhatsApp.
  5. Track Multiple Numbers: You can track multiple WhatsApp numbers simultaneously, making it a valuable tool for businesses that need to monitor several accounts.
  6. Chat Analysis: The app offers detailed chat analysis, allowing you to see chat frequency and patterns over time.
  7. Group Chat Tracking: Whats Tracker enables you to monitor group chat activity, making it easier to stay updated on group conversations.
  8. Location Tracking: It provides the ability to track the location of WhatsApp contacts in real-time, which can be helpful for parents or employers concerned about the whereabouts of their loved ones or employees.
  9. Notification Alerts: Whats Tracker can send you notifications when a specific contact comes online, ensuring that you stay informed.

Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure Latest Version

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Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure Latest Version

Key Features

Here are the key features of Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure :

  1. Chat Monitoring: Track and monitor chat conversations in real-time.
  2. Profile Visitors: Discover who has visited your WhatsApp profile.
  3. Online/Offline Status: Get real-time information about your contacts’ online status.
  4. Last Seen Timestamps: View the last seen timestamps of your contacts.
  5. Multi-Number Tracking: Monitor multiple WhatsApp numbers simultaneously.
  6. Chat Analysis: Analyze chat frequency and patterns over time.
  7. Group Chat Tracking: Keep tabs on group chat activity.
  8. Location Tracking: Track the real-time location of WhatsApp contacts.
  9. Notification Alerts: Receive notifications when specific contacts come online.

What’s New?

The latest version of Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure brings several exciting features and improvements:

  • Enhanced User Interface: The user interface has been revamped for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Improved Performance: The app now runs smoother and faster, with reduced lag.
  • Updated Compatibility: It is now compatible with the latest WhatsApp versions.
  • Added Privacy Features: Enhanced privacy options for users who want to limit the information they share.
  • Bug Fixes: Various bug fixes to ensure a more stable and reliable performance.

System Requirements

To use Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure, you’ll need:

  • Android Device (Phone or Tablet)
  • Android OS Version 4.0.3 and above
  • Internet Connection (Wi-Fi or Mobile Data)

How to Install?

Installing Whats Tracker App Download APK is a straightforward process:

  1. Download Apkpure: Visit the Apkpure website and download the Apkpure app if you don’t already have it installed on your device.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources: In your device’s settings, navigate to “Security” or “Privacy” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This allows you to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  3. Download Whats Tracker: Go to the Apkpure app and search for “Whats Tracker.” Download the latest version of the app.
  4. Install the App: Once the download is complete, tap on the downloaded APK file to begin the installation.
  5. Permissions: Grant the necessary permissions for the app to function properly.
  6. Open the App: After installation, open the Whats Tracker app and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.


In conclusion, Whats Tracker App Download Apkpure is a valuable tool for anyone looking to monitor and track WhatsApp activities. Whether you want to keep an eye on your children’s online activities, track employees’ WhatsApp usage, or simply stay updated on your contacts’ online status, this app offers a range of features to meet your needs. With its user-friendly interface and recent updates, Whats Tracker continues to be a popular choice for those seeking insight into WhatsApp usage. Just remember to use it responsibly and respect the privacy of others while using such monitoring tools.

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