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Winamp Crack player is a legend that needs no introduction. Player alternative to which, I can not find for many years. Probably because he is the best. Despite the closure of the project in December 2013, it works great on modern systems.
In this assembly, on the one hand, unnecessary, in my opinion, functions of playing video, converting files, and grabbing disks are cut. On the other hand, the basic version is significantly expanded with various add-ons, including: DSP modules, visualizations, icon sets, skins, a playlist of online radio stations (more than 3000) and more (more in the archive).

Winamp Features:

 1. Ability to choose the installation of all player components, both standard and third-party.
2. The functions of video playback, converting, disc grabbing have been removed, only a part of the Media Library (library) and visualization modules are used.
3. Added additional plugins (including DSP modules), visualizations, icon sets, skins, playlist of radio stations 101.RU, Radio Observer, Zaitsev.FM, PC Radio. A more detailed list is below.
4. Modification and updating of some elements of the program
5. Ability to pick up custom components when installing (if they are located next to the installer)

Alternative I/O Plugins

  • MAD v0.2  is a popular MP3 decoder. But it is worth noting that when using it, some DSP modules may not work, there may be problems with displaying some Cyrillic tags, and many online radio stations will also not work with it. Installation is recommended only for fans of this plugin.
  • DirectSound v2.2.6 SSRC  is an alternative output module. Uses 48000Hz/24Bit resampling. This also improves playback quality.
  • Matrix Mixer 0.9.163c  – the plugin allows you to decompose 2.0 stereo into 5.1 on the fly and output it in Dolby Digital format. Owners of 5.1 audio systems are advised to configure the output through this module (Tools – Options – Output – select a plugin).
  • Not So YASAPI 1.0b  is a (WA)SAPI output module. My choice for today.

 Support For Additional Formats

  • AMR Decoder v0.1.12.200 –  support for AMR and AWB formats
  • CUE Player v0.57c  – playing CUE files
  • Monkey’s Audio Player v4.30  – Play APE (Monkey’s Audio) files
  • Musepack v1.0  – support for MP+ and MPC formats
  • TAK Player v2.2.0  – TAK format support
  • TTA Audio Decoder v3.5  – TTA format support
  • WavPack v2.8.1  – playback of WV (WavPack) files
  • Waveform Wrapper v1.3  – playback of WAV files (RIFF) with embedded MP3 and AUD files
  • WinampAC3 v1.20a  – play AC3 and DTS files

DSP Modules

  • 4Front OSS/3D R7  is the best DSP in my opinion to improve the sound. Since Winamp version 5.6x and higher crashes when calling plugin options (usually on x64 systems), use the minimalistic version of the previous build .WinampPluginsOSS3DTunes.exe for its settings. It’s not very convenient, but after creating my profile once, I haven’t set up the plugin for several years.
  • 4Front Headphones v1.0c  – this DSP plug-in improves the sound when listening to headphones.
  • Compressor and Wider v1.5  is one of the most compact DSP modules
  • DFX v9.304 / v10.140  – one of the most popular DSP, improves the sound (version selection during installation). If your system already has DFX version 11+ or FxSound 13+ installed, DO NOT install DFX from the build. This will damage the operation of the installed program (reinstallation is required).
  • Enhancer DSP Compatibility Wrapper v1.0.1 (modification of Enchanser v0.17 by DrO)  – improves the sound. One of the most popular DSPs on
  • Equalizer v1.62  – graphic equalizer 250+ band -60dB +20dB
  • GMixon Chronotron  – This DSP module allows you to change the tempo of the music, while the tone remains unchanged. That is, the speed of the composition will be higher (or lower), but the voice of your favorite artist will not change. May be useful for speeding up the playback of audio books.
  • iZotope Ozone v1.0 / v5.04 / 8.0  – a very popular DSP module (version selection during installation)
  • Multiple DSP v1.6  – plugin for simultaneous connection of several DSP modules.
  • SA Stereo Tool v6.32 / v7.50 / 8.23  ​​- rather softly improves the sound.
  • VST Host DSP v1.0  – loading external VST plugins (iZotope Ozone v5.04/7.01 is loaded through it)

 General Purpose Modules

  • Album Art Viewer v1.03  – View album art when using classic Winamp art. Disabled by default, activated in the main Winamp window.
  • Auto Close v1.4  – scheduled shutdown of Winamp (activated in the plugin settings).
  • BogProg Awake v1.1.1.6  – prevents the screen from turning off when Winamp is running
  • Clear Current Playlist v1.1  – adds hotkeys for clearing the playlist.
  • Drag’N’Drop from playlist editor v1.5  – copy files from the playlist by dragging (Drag’N’Drop) with the right mouse button.
  • Explorer Context Menu v0.3  – Windows Explorer context menu in the playlist for managing file(s).
  • In Music Fall Asleep v0.9  – sleep timer with auto volume control
  • Lite’n Winamp Preferences v1.73  – allows you to hide the specified items in the Winamp options window.
  • LiveFolder v0.4  – by specifying a monitored folder in the plugin settings, the files appearing in it will be automatically added to the playlist.
  • Lyrics Plugin v0.4  – viewing the lyrics of the songs being played (Internet connection required).
  • McTOSD v1.1  – pop-up information about the track being played on the Desktop (the module has a fairly wide range of settings).
  • MuteHotkey v1.2.1  – adds hotkeys to mute the sound.
  • Playlist File Remover v2.2.2  – physical removal of files directly from the playlist. In the hotkey settings, the Ctrl+Alt+D combination is already set to delete files in the Recycle Bin. It is also possible to set combinations for final deletion. You can configure and move files to a specified folder. The plugin is disabled by default (Repeat does not work when activated), enable/disable as needed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+D
  • Playlist Seperator v2.6.4  – adds separators to the playlist, which can be both functional and simply separate albums visually.
  • Playlist Undo v1.11  – support for undoing changes in the playlist.
  • Skin Manager v1.0.4  – cover preview, filtering, submenu in the Covers menu.
  • Skinned Prefences v0.9  – the ability to use the style of the current Winamp skin in the Options menu (the plugin is disabled by default).
  • Streamripper v1.62.2  – allows you to save streaming MP3 (online radio). The recording is made without loss of quality, that is, without conversion, the resulting files are automatically split and named by the name of the artist and song, as a result you get regular MP3 files (enabled/disabled in the plugin settings menu). Streamripper.chm – a small instruction for launching and using
  • Tagger v1.1b  – tag editor for a group of files selected in the playlist (Ctrl+Shift+T).
  • Time Restore & AutoPlay v2.5.4  – plugin allows the player to automatically start playback from where you left off before turning off the player or play an arbitrary track when the player starts, add Winamp to startup.
  • Transplug v1.2  – adds the ability to set transparency for classic skins (disabled by default).
  • Wallpaper v1.06  – allows you to set the background for the playlist (DISABLED), to activate in the plugin settings, specify the location of the image for the background (there is a blank – wallpaper.jpg in the WinampPlugins folder). The plugin is not available for systems higher than Windows 2003, because causes Aero to be disabled.
  • Winamp Intro Play v1.3  – pre-listen to selected tracks (DISABLED), enable in plugin settings.
  • Winamp Pilot v3.0  – a panel for controlling the player (called by moving the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Win7 Taskbar v2.0  – integration with the taskbar (taskbar) in Windows 7.
  • ClassicPro v1.15/2.01  – to support ClassicPro skins. I highly recommend paying attention to the choice of color schemes for these skins (accessible from the main settings)
  • Color Editor v2.2.1  – editor of color schemes for modern covers.
  • Additional classic covers (12 pcs.)
  • Additional modern covers (12 pcs.)
  • Additional icon packs for Winamp file types (Black, Orange, Orange2, Modern Black, Modern Cherry, Modern Classic Blue, Modern Dark-Mix). Disabled by default. To select, execute: Tools – Options – Add-ons – Select the desired icon library. Then, in File types, lower the sliders “Icon for files” and “Icon for lists” to the very bottom.
System requirements:   Windows 7/8/8.1/10
File size: 37.1Mb

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